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Casting for 1928 54C


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As some of you may remember I was searching for one retainer ring for

my 1928 54C for the Buffalo wire wheels. I had zero success after a

year on the net in every chat room imaginable including this one. But

one of my pals at my golf club is a MFR. rep for various foundries on

the east coast. He put me in touch with Mark Vecchiarelli,

President,Yankee Castings at 860-749-8443 www.yankeecasting.com . He

cast a superb new retainer ring at what I believe was a great price. I

highly recommend him to anyone who might need to have a part recast.

His turnaround time was swift and as I said the price was reasonable.

He even made two retainer rings, one out of brass and one out of brass

and aluminum that can be used as a set up to make additional pieces. I

was ripped off badly several years ago by Val Blazer at MFT/USA on a

manifold castings and some other stuff so to find an honest guy who

does great work is a coup. I recommend him highly.Bruce

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