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One of the 37/38 Buick Club magazines had a article on rear shocks. NAPA P/N 94148 is a shock for a 66 thru 71 Ford Motor home. They wanted $31.69 each, plus $15 to have them shipped to my state because when they are gone, thats it.. So I called Advance Auto Parts and crossed referenced the part#. Their P/N is 59546 which is a Monroe Gas shock. Their price is $21 each, no shipping. So last summer I bought these and put them on my 38. They work great, no more bounce. There is a "C" clip on the top of the shock that holds it in place. The article said to order a snap ring to replace the c clip, I did,, works great.. The snap ring is a TRUARC 5160-75, Which is better than the c clip. you will have to get them at a machine shop.. You will have to shave a little off the top rubber bushing to get the snap ring on, or find a way to press it in.. The rubber on mine was like new so I used the old top rubber bushing. So if you need new rear shocks this is good..

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Guest Grant Magrath

It's a very good post. But they dropped the telescopic shocks for 39! I must get around to rebuilding the rears on the 38 some day.........



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