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Reatta/Riveria woodgrain trim pieces 4 sale


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I have several pieces of the woodgrain set for 1990-91 models.

I received the trim from a fellow forum member (Alex) on "approval" and opted not to keep it. Alex instructed me to offer the trim here on the forum on the same basis which is if you decide to keep it to pay Alex what you think it's worth.

Alex shipped it to me for nothing, and I can do the same unless you want to pay half the cost or something. Anyway, first come first served - if you want the trim PM me.

The main dash bezel, the cubby box, shift console and armrest panels are included. I did some cleaning up on the pieces. Dont ask me why I didnt keep the stuff - I'll tell you it needs some minor repair to fit properly.

If you want to try the trim set on approval you need to just act quickly, <span style="font-weight: bold">you need to PM me, not post here</span>.

Remember if you decide to keep it, pay Alex Houston.


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