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From the Vice President of Internet Communications & Awards, Joe Gagliano:

Bob Love of the Tallahassee Region received the Sparkplug Award for 2008.

Check out Bob's outstanding website <span style="color: #000099"><span style="text-decoration: underline">(SEE BOB'S WEBSITE HERE!)</span></span> for ideas to sharpen up your region's website.

The Webmasters below received the Master Wenmaster Award for their region's web site.

Congratulations to each one of you. You have all done a wonderful job this past year.

2008 Master Webmaster Awards

1. 2008

Steven Losaw

Connecticut Valley Region

2. 2008

Bob Squier

South Florida Region

3. 2008

Bob Love

Tallahassee Region

4. 2008

Jim McDonald

Illinois Region

5. 2008

Ted Schneider

Chesapeake Region

6. 2008

Bruce Wheeler

Harford Region

7. 2008

Debra Freed

Central Chapter of Minnesota Region

8. 2008

Frederick Burton

Genesee Valley Antique Car Society Region

9. 2008

Bob Blake

Hornets Nest Region

10. 2008

Adam Oaks

Cape Fear Chapter of North Carolina Region

11. 2008

Lisa Schirato

Hershey Region

12. 2008

Mark DeFloria

Western Pennsylvania Region

13. 2008

Mike Jones

Bull Run Region

14. 2008

Elaine J. Tarr

Historic Virginia Peninsula Region

15. 2008

Bob Stein

Tidewater Region

16. 2008

Judy Edwards

Brass-Nickel Touring Region

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