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1948 Packard Question

Guest 1carguy

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Guest 1carguy

I recently purchased a 48 Packard woody station wagon. I noticed that several of the engine decals are missing. I have the following questions and hope someone could point me in the right direction.

* I notice that the dry air cleaner (It is not an oil bath) does not have a decal on it. I ordered one, but have no idea if it should go on the lid, tank, or? and where.

* My car has wire Packard wheels. I assume they are aftermarket. Were they available in 1948?



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Guest bkazmer

the wires were not yet available in 48. The correct wheels are, I think, 15 x 5.5", and not that hard to find. They are painted body color with a center cap (available used or repo) and optional trim rings. Your body style is called a Station Sedan.

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car guy

i would start by downloading the parts book - it will tell you the parts that are needed etc.

Parts books

I have a dealership showroom catalog for 49 scanned 48 is mostly the same. it has the paint and trim colors etc. station sedan has special trim on the inside. i can send you a scanned copy email me to let me know if you want it.

Dave Schumacher

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