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Pull Down Travel Rods


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Hi Dog,

The 5 hold down studs that bolt the assembly to the car are in slotted holes. Loosen nuts, and move the complete assembly.

I would run the assembly with the top raised off the back of the car. This would allow me to check the assembly for complete movement. They are so easy to remove, and reinstall that when one doesn't act correctly at any time, I just remove it. Check all electrical connections (They like to corrode). Use a couple of small jumper leads and run the unit thru a couple of cycles, while I lube everything, and make sure there are no stupid hangups. 1 thing I am lacking on this subject: I have not found any specs on the correct grease to use on the plastig gears. If anyone can give the correct grease that would be good to change ( it's usually hard) I've been using Lubriplate Lithium base. Good Luck, Lou

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lou ; i have been using vasoline , on most all of my plastic parts and also on any conv top rear window zippers ,so far[ many years ] so good .lithium is an excelent lube but will harden with age , look at the cap on your tube of it . Art

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