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Today I need to change my signature to Buick5555.

As my friends know, I have been remodeling my house for almost a year. The house was built in 1941 and my old business partner (in the remodeling business) and I have gone over every inch of the place. As part of the "restoration"...well, street-rodding if you will, I had a plumber friend of mine gut and replace all of the pipes and completely redo all of the sewer lines. Obviously, this was quite expensive! He is an old car enthusiast, and has a very gorgeous Model T Ford. As we all know, but perhaps few admit, the Model T is not necessarily conducive to everyday driving. He spoke several times of really admiring my 63 Wildcat convertible. This car is VERY ready for everyday use and much better for weeknight getaways with the family. We worked out a deal where he would finish the plumbing and I would trade him the Wildcat (plus cash, of course cool.gif ).

Anyway, today he came by and drove off in his new car...( And yes, I AM putting my money where my mouth is and paying for his first years membership in the BCA!)

My 5 and a half year old son Woodrow was bawling and saying goodbye to the car. My wife was choking up a bit, too. I really didn't feel too much as the empty spot in my garage and the check in my hand only made me feel as if I had a great starting point for my 55 Century convertible project. Pics of that will be posted soon.


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I went through a 5 year home building project that required me to sell a couple cars I may normally have kept. Its all in where your priorities are. If I had the funds to buy, store and maintain several cars, I surely would but for many of us that route can conflict with other priorities in life.

I have found changing collectible cars can be a good experience from time to time assuming you can sell the old one on your terms. It breaks up the boredom that can come from owning the same car for so long as well as expands your options for a new project. Often selling a car frees up garage space, capital, and renews the enthusiasm needed to start another project.

Its a little painful to let go of a car sometimes but usually if you get a decent price and start a new project soon after the pain is short lived.

Good Luck on the 55 and we look forward to posts on progress.

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Mike, unlike the others, I say you'll regret this. A 63 Wildcat for a few pipes and some cash was understandable, but hard to hear. Let us know when the drinking begins! whistle.gif

At least you still have another convertible to replace it, and a 55 convertible is a good consolation prize. Good luck.

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Thanks Y'all.

I am fortunate to have done quite a few silly, stupid, and dangerous things in my life. I have lived by the mantra of "No Regrets". There is certainly some sadness, but no remorse. I never drive any of my cars enough, and you guys know me as one of the "Texas Road Warriors"! I would not have sold it to just any Shmoe. I know it went to a good home. The great thing about it was that it was such a "modern" car compared to my 55. I would imagine I will replace it someday with another "modern" car, Riv maybe? Unfortunately convertibles aren't what they are cracked up to be since it's too bloody hot to drive them from about June to late September down here.

Once I have the Century finished, I'll work on the Model A for my son (it's his car), then I may replace the Cat.

John D., you know the drinking never stops... whistle.gif

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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: JohnD1956</div><div class="ubbcode-body"><div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: buick5563</div><div class="ubbcode-body">

John D., you know the drinking never stops... whistle.gif </div></div>

Amen! </div></div>

But why wasn't I invited?

No regrets is a good mantra. I like to think of it that we are stewards of these automobiles and the Buick history that goes with them. In passing the 'Cat, another individual gets a chance to be that steward and it may help you to be a better steward for your convertible.

I'd love to be able to follow my own advice...The Boss and I just can't agree on thinning the fleet (that is, which ones to thin out of the fleet).

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I was very fortunate to see Mike's 63 Wildcat convertible a few times each year. It is definately a car I could just sit and stare at for a long time. I am restoring one myself and can only hope it turns out as nice as his. I've seen first hand Mike's other restorations, too. I know the 55 Century will be just as nice and can't wait to see it.

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Aw shucks blush.gif

Thanks for the kind words Roy.

A little info... My 55's name is Gladys, and my 63's name was Vernon. Anybody know why? Music guys.... Mr. Earl, Dave@Moon?

The new 55 has been named Otis.

I already have a ton of parts for the new project. The body is coming off and going to be completely rebuilt from the ground up. I'm getting stoked and antsy to start!!!

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Peanut butter "under glass" is fine, it's that other "paste" stuff that has caused the problems. Of course, less than 70 miles south of Denton is "peanut country" so fresh peanuts can be had "fresh from the field" during certain times of the year. Might have to sift some of the sand out of them, though.

And we might also know whose tire tracks Mike might be following in . . . which are some mighty fine tire tracks to boot!



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