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Any thoughts on Dynamat?


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As I'm putting new speakers in my car and because the PO put standard automotive carpeting in, I'm looking at completely removing and re-installing the interior to put proper Reatta carpeting in place.

Is Dynamat-ing the interior a worthwhile endeavor?

If it is, is the much cheaper knock-off stuff any good?

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I have no actual experience....however there are lots of similar products on Ebay for sale. Type in Dynamat and you will get products that sell for less than half the Dynamat price.

Putting one of these products around the rear wheel wells should isolate some road noise. The same could be done in the front. I would also think there are some benefits to putting something on the inner door skins, if for no other reason than insulation.

Think about a cars construction (any car) what is between you and the outside? At the top, you have a headliner and sheetmetal, with an R factor of about 1, some insulation could make a big difference in both retaining heat and cold.

Whenever I work on a headliner, I use the foil insulator with the bubble pack material in the center. It is cheap and will cut down on noise and increase the R insulation value.

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I've found that Dynamat does a great job, but as previously stated, comes at a premium. I would advise getting the dynamat xtreme that has the aluminum layer, it dampens considerably better.

If the aluminum adiabatic thing doesn't float your boat, you can look at other brands of asphalt mat, you can get it anywhere.

I have actually been rather pleased with the road noise dampening properties of plain old spray on undercoating and or truck bed liner. It will make your vehicle drive quieter, but dynamat is the real thing for sound quality, I've installed it on and off for a few years, and its great stuff.

I guess it depends if you are trying to have a quieter ride or a better sounding stereo system.

As far as the baffles go, most car audio speakers are designed to function infinite baffle, not in a confined volume of air. You can try them out because they are cheap, but I think you would notice a better improvement by using caulk under the speaker, and a foam gasket between the speaker and the door panel. Being air tight is very important to a speaker, especially in a car.

Good luck!

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Thanks for the advice. If I do it, I'm thinking of going with Second Skin's Damplifier line, per research done HERE

Though disassembling the interior of my '89 has me realizing this is going to be a really big project for me to tackle. I'm now considering putting it off 'till the fall.

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Guest Durahansolo

<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Rawja</div><div class="ubbcode-body">....and on a related note are foam back baffles of any value?


I used to have foam baffles in my car, but because my speakers fit weirdly I had to modify them. When I put my second set of speakers in, I put in plastic baffles which sounded better than the foam. When I put components in last year, I took the door and rear baffles out completely since they didn't fit right.

http://forums.aaca.org/ubbthreads.php/ub...kers#Post512720 my component install.

I also have Tsunami Brand matting in my trunk which stopped alot of my trunk rattle and made the bass sound smoother inside the car. I probably should've broke down and bought the Dynamat instead because for the last 3 summers the Tsunami brand has fallen so I have to put it back up again.

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Guest Mc_Reatta

Make sure you use the top of the line 3M Automotive Trim Contact Adheasive to mount your mats. Here in sunny FL anything less and the summer heat will bring down your headliner and anthing else cemented with a lesser brand. The auto upholstery won't even use the 3M products in the spray cans due to this, they only use the full strength product in a paint sprayer for their work.

Mike McDonald

Space Coast FL

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