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FS and WTB 1936 Buick Model 40 Sedan parts


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My 1936 Model 40 humpback sedan is being rodded. Most of the mechanical gear is being replaced, but the body and interior are being maintained as is. I have lots of parts for sale and need a couple to buy.

I am looking to buy original or reproduction 1936 Buick Model 40 tail lights(2), hub caps(4), and trunk hinges(2). If you have them, or know where I can find them, I would be very appreciative.

Being sold is the original straight 8 engine, engine accessories (fuel pump, water pump, carb, starter, alternator, air cleaner (western US), heater, etc.),transmission, front end, rear end, radiator, and knee shocks. The carb and two fuel pumps (one was a spare) were new rebuilds. The knee shocks have perhaps 1000 miles on them. The engine had a top overhaul (new pistons, rings, valve lifters, rebored cylinders) less than 20 hours ago, probably less than 500 miles. The rear end was also a newly installed rebuild with about 1000 miles. The front end is sloppy, but is all there. I am told the radiator has some problems, but it was working until the car was put in storage about a year and a half ago. I wanted to give this crowd first shot before it all goes to eBay. Contact me at witt@ptwaco.com . I'm not giving it away, but I am willing to offer it all at good prices. Thanks!

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Where are you located? Restoring 36 model 40 and may be interested in some parts as spares. If you have price on parts and list please forward to cookr@oge.com. If not, I'll let you know which parts I might be interested in. I may have spare trunk hinges but will have to look. Body guy broke one set when he was working on sheet metal. Thanks By the way I'm located in Oklahoma City.


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