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Brian Riviera

1965 Riviera Door Pins, Bushings and Vent Window

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I have a 65 Riv with what seems to be a sagging drivers door. There is some paint damage where the door has rubbed on the lower door jamb, but does not seem to be rubbing anymore (old damage??). The hinges do not seem excessively worn, but there is some play (less than 1/8"). Are pins and bushings readily available? It looks like I may have to remove the front fender for access, please tell me that this is not so. How about adjusting the existing hinges? (This would be preferred even as a short term fix).

Also please advise on t-bolts for the door skins, our door is missing the top three by the outside door release, which is causing some troubles.

If this was not enough door troubles, the vent window regulator (hand crank not power) is busted (we have the crank with the shaft still attached). When we bought the car it came with a power vent window assembly, did the Riv come with power vent windows?? This one looks like the right size. Anyone need a power vent and want to trade for a non-power? What about the regulator being a standard part (not likely as this is a Riv!!) but worth a try. Anyone know where we could find in Canada?

Just to make thing interesting here are some pics of the old girl. Thanks for your help it will save hours of head scratching and a bad hangover the next day. crazy.gif



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hello 65babyblue.

welcome to the rivi-forum!

the powervents were an option which would be already installed when you ordered the car with them. standard was the hand crank.

i suppose other members can send you more details on all your issues/questions.

i would be interested in the power vent windows but unfortunately i have already finished restoring the passenger compartment and do not intend to rip it all apart again :-).

please think also about joining the ROA riviera owners organisation.



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Hi Paul,

You can adjust the door without removing the fender, it is tight though.

The only place I have seen the door skin T-bolt is on EBay and I beleive the same goes for the vent regulators, I may have my old one at home that you might be able to use some parts from.

Power vent motor and regulators for these are very costly and you will have to change the chrome plate on your doors to ones that have the holes for the switches.

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I read about your problems with the broken vent window regulator. I have both the right and left side regulators in my spare parts collection. Let me know which side you need and you can have it for just the cost of postage.

Mike Lawson

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