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Parting out two 1946 Lincoln Sedans

HR Classic Cars

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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Phil Knapp</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Rob,

The cars you are parting out are *NOT* Lincoln Continentals!

Most Zephyr mechanical parts are interchangeable with Continentals, but there are *NO* body parts on a Lincoln Zephyr that are interchangeable with a Lincoln Continental.


Just found out the same thing myself, obviously I'm not a lincoln guy, I stick with Fords mostly. I've changes the add to be correct.

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More info on what I have for sale. I've completed the disassembly of the body on the first car, the suspension is still in one piece and may be sold later or if you need something send me an email.

What I have so far:

- 4 door buttons in perfect condition, no scratches, dings or dents $200 each

- 1 u-joint (back of OD to driveshaft) $300

- Full complete dashboard, clock runs, speedo works, didn't test the rest $800

- Full windshield/cowl section with glass, trim and cowl vent, no rust. $150

- Rear window section, with glass and trim, no rust. $100

- Seat of 4 octagonal center hubcaps, some dents, easy fix $100

- Full set of body stainless (does not include sections below doors) $75

- Tail lights $200 for both

- Grille pieces, upper, left and right $75 each ($125 for both)

- Headlight bucket (only one for now) $75

- Rear bumper brackets $50

- Trunk hinges (springs broken) $50

- Hood hinges good shape $75

- Full set of window switches $250

- Hydraulic pump, not tested yet (can if you want me to) $250

- Yellow fog light assembly (as a set) $200

- Courtesy light $50

- Sun visor $40

- Fuel tank filler neck and cap $40

- Window mechanism with cylinder $25 each (have 4)

- Trunk lid surround (not the lid) perfect, no rust damage in the lip. $200 (pickup only)

- Roof, no rust, great shape (not pictured) $50 (pickup only)

- Hood, no rust, great shape (not pictured) $200 (pickup only)

- Left front fender, light damage, easy fix, no rust (not pictured) $200 (pickup only)

- Right front fender, light damage, easy fix, no rust (not pictured) $200 (pickup only)

Many more parts available, send me an email if you need anything.

All prices are best offer, if you don't like my price give me an offer. Buyer either to pickup or pay for shipping.

Pictures can be found here: 1946 Zephyr parts pictures



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