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my Question how do you Adjust the doors on a buick reatta

Guest sheldon

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First of all, is the adjustment problem just in the door sagging at the rear? If so, are the hinges wore - i.e. when you pick up on the back of the door when it is open, do you feel any movement at the hinges that would indicate worn hinge pins and bushings? If there is slop in the hinges, they need replaced because no matter what, there will always be play in the hinges and when the door is opened, it will drop. If you adjust them high to compensate for the drop, you will damage not only the striker, but also the latch and the door shell where the latch mounts. If the hinges are tight and not wore at the hinge pins, it's easy to adjust them. There is a tool for just this procedure, and is a metal tube that looks like a big J with a 2" high by 5" long notched plate on the end, and screw-in inserts for the different vehicle makes' striker sizes. They are sometimes available at parts stores. If you do not have access one of these, I know it may sound a little crude, but this will work too. Get a floor jack and a 10" or so piece of 2x4. Simply place under the rear edge of the door, making sure the entire length of the 2x4 makes contact with the bottom of the door and the jack base is in the center of the wood. I know, it sounds like you might bend the door, but the long length of wood evenly distributes the lifting force of the jack. Don't jack the door up way high, because if the hinges are good, it won't take much. Jack it once until there is upward pressure on the door, and release the jack. Test close the door and see if there was any upward movement. If the doors now fit, cool, but if not, jack it again but with just a tad more pressure. Again, release the pressure and re-test. Like I said, you are not going to have to lift the car off the ground with the door to make them fit. It's easier to jack it up lightly 3 or more times to make them fit than applying too much pressure the first time and possibly damaging the hinges. I forgot to add, don't do this with the door opened up all the way. The door needs to be opened only about 6" or so. Also, when adjusting up, always watch the upper front edge of the door and upper rear edge of the fender. Too much upward pressure will make them touch which usually chips the paint.

I know the jack and 2x4 method sounds crude, but it works.

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My coupe almost never closes all of the way on the first attempt (I tend to be gentle) if all of the windows are closed, the car is close to airtight.

Are you asking about closing to the second "click" and not just the first or are you asking about a sagging door ?

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Guest wally888

<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: sheldon</div><div class="ubbcode-body">I need the doors to shut flush with body of the car, thank you for your help. </div></div>

I removed striker, elongated hole, installed striker so it pulled door tighter closed.

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