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Lost 1937 Packard V12 by Erdmann & Rossi, Berlin.

Guest Mischa Lemaire

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Guest Mischa Lemaire


My name is Mischa Lemaire from Holland and the last 9 years I have been looking for this Packard and I would like to know what happened to this car:

This 1937 Packard V12 (engine #905703) with a convertible body by Erdmann & Rossi, Berlin. First owned by a Mr. A.E. von Saher. In 1939 van Saher left Holland for the German army. During the war the Packard was kept by the German Army, but not used. After WWII it was found by the Dutch resistance and used by the Dutch Queen Wilhelmina when she returned in Holland after WWII. In May 1946 Churchill used the car on a "sight-seeing" in Amsterdam. Two year later, 1948 von Saher, it's first owner now living in New York ask it's Packard back and again one year later it was shipped on board of the "SS Westerdam" of the Holland -America Line. It arrived in New York in the early 1950 and was sold late 1950 to a man in Michigan, and this is also it's last known location. In 1955 I lost track of the Packard. I would like to get in touch with the owner or with someone who can give me some details about the condition of the car at present." I am sure it must be out there some were.

I hope that you can help me !!

Thanks Mischa Lemaire

Studebaker-Packard Club Nederland


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