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1950 Buick


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1950 Buick

4 Door Hardtop

Straight 8 Cyclinder engine

DynaFlow transmission

3 vent holes on hood

Everything original

60,000 original miles

Always garaged.

Lived in or around Seattle Area its whole life.

Hasn't been touched or run in close to 10 years.

Straight Body and I am sure someone else out there could love this car.

Anyone interested?

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Sorry about the quick post I am still learning a lot about the car. Photos are not readily available at the moment but can be in a couple days. Please let me know what is most important to have pictures of for you classic buick lovers. I have only very basic guidelines in terms of price... I know it is not worth a fortune and I am much more concerned with the car going to a good home.

Thanks again,



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Wow, that unmolested gem has had good care for its entire life, you can see it all over. Looks like a Super model 52 Riviera sedan to me. The front bumper fender guards are a fairly rare accessory. Looks like the original Daytona weave carpet on the floor. Nice to see back-up light housings and parking light housings on a 1950 that aren't all dented up or rusted. This is a very nice car. Wish I weren't 3000 miles away.

Pete Phillips, BCA #7338

1948 model 71

1949 model 59

1950 model 76-R

1963 Wildcat 4-spd conv.

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Guest imported_MrEarl

Dave you have a very nice original and apparently unmolested '50 Super. Just the kind of car I like. Nice original carpet, even the trim piece on the bottom of the firewall insulation is still in one piece, Nice clean straight bumpers. Even the glass appears to be without fogging or delamination. Love the 50's "cow catcher" grille(only year that the grille dropped below the bumper)and the portholes in the hood (only year for that too)Do you plan on trying to crank it and get it running? Keep us posted on your plans. If you're truly interested in finding the right person for her, you've found the right place to advertise her. Someone here is bound to appreciate the car for what it is and go for it.

Just curious, does the Seattle area use much salt on the roads?

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The car is in pretty exceptional condition all things considered. There are a few people interested in it all of which are Buick enthusiasts so I am not too worried about it going to an unappreciative home. And no the Seattle area does not salt the roads very often... no snow. Not to mention the only owner of this vehicle who actually drove it much was my great-grandmother who only used it for church and groceries. I seriously doubt it has been out in the snow much if at all.

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