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1950 Buick

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1950 Buick

4 Door Hardtop

Straight 8 Cyclinder engine

DynaFlow transmission

3 vent holes on hood

Everything original

60,000 original miles

Always garaged.

Lived in or around Seattle Area its whole life.

Hasn't been touched or run in close to 10 years.

Straight Body and I am sure someone else out could love this car.

Anyone interested?

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Sorry about the quick post I am still learning a lot about the car. Photos are not readily available at the moment but can be in a couple days. Please let me know what is most important to have pictures of for you classic buick lovers. I have only very basic guidelines in terms of price... I know it is not worth a fortune and I am much more concerned with the car going to a good home.

Thanks again,



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I think what you have there is a 1950 4 door sedan and not a Riviera, which is a door door hardtop, that is no center post.

While this is a more common 4 door sedan, it looks in good original condition and you should be able to find a buyer. I suggest you post this also on the Buick Buy and sell site.


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JUST A CORRECTION -- YES IT IS A RIVIERA -- and we can all check our facts more carefully when offering advice. Mis-statements repeated often enough tend to be accepted as fact when they are not factual.

To quote George H. Dammann in his "Seventy Years of Buicks", page 223:

"New for the year was the Super Riviera Sedan, Model 52. Contrary to what its name implied, the car was not built in hardtop styling, but was an extended and deluxe version of the standard Super Sedan, using quarter windows, its own 125.5-inch wheelbase, and being 208 inches overall. An amazingly popular car, it had a run of 114,745. It cost $2,212 and weighed 3,870 pounds."

So, apparently it is a 4-door sedan and is a Riviera, and a darned nice car to boot.

I don't mean to chastize anybody offering help, but let's at least be accurate -- kinda like the Ford guys claiming to have a '64-1/2 Mustang -- you can call it what ever you want to, but (technically) Ford called 'em '65s !!

Anyhow, good luck with it -- I enjoy the heck out of our Buicks, Caddys, and Packard, and drove our red '63 Impala convertible more than 100,000 miles after we first restored it, and that included 44 states, Canada, and Mexico.

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