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If you want to look at yourself, or have someone local, first take out all the tubes and the vibrator, and have tested. Make a few calls, usually someone will have a tube tester. If you can't find a tester, set up on a bench with a 6 volt battery charger and a big capacitor to simulate a battery. Look to see if all the elements are glowing, and listen for the vibrator to be vibrating. Several people import tubes from the Chech Republic on the web, so you should be able to find what you need.

Then: replace all the large capacitors on the input stage. They do go bad after a while, and yours has had 60 years. Just be aware of the polarity on the capacitors. If you've changed to negative ground, this is a good time to reverse the polarity.

See if you can find a book with a schematic diagram. Try the literature sources. Your speaker might also be shot.

Good luck


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jake rebuilt the radio in my 41 and it works great. he is a retired radio man so he knows his stuff. he is very reasonable and a really nice guy. he has helped me with several projects including coils, distributor, points, transmission removal, voltage regulator, etc. he can talk you through about any diagnosis on the phone. just give him a call.

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although your dash is similiar to mine,I didn't have to take out the dash.the first thing I did was to remove the two knobs from the radio with a very small allen wrench and the two screws behind the knobs. the radio is bolted underneath the dash with two bolts and brackets.slowly lower the radio down and remove the speaker and aerial and foot switch plug if you have one. I don't think I would call it a major job, but certainly a time consuming one. just take your time and I'm sure you can do it.


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Does anyone have the interchange facts for Lincoln radios? I know the regular Lincoln and Conti radios had different trims, but what about the guts? Also (and more importantly) does the grill on a similar year Zephyr swap for the Conti?

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i had jake do my radio, and had him put a input on it that i

can play cds or Fm radio on it. that was a few months ago

works fantastic.

i also saw him today and had three distributors set up.

now would be a good time to get him as he is not loaded

down with work right now.


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