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32 Nash 1063 convertible sedan

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1 hour ago, Steve_Mack_CT said:

Saturday motivation shamelessly stolen from facebook (which is good for something at least...) 😊


That is a "First Series" 1932 which used up the older leftover 1931 bodies.  Mine is the Second Series 1932 with more streamlined front fenders, grille shell and body shell.  The newer 32 body has a raked-back windshield and posts, and has swoopy beltlines. Almost no parts will fit mine, but I did modify it's steering box for mine, as it is not a Ross box and is superior.

50 minutes ago, alsancle said:

Those general jumbos or whatever they are don’t look right.

That cropped photo was taken outside of a Vogue brand tire store, and I agree.



A few days ago,


I wanted to get the chassis outside for powerwashing, and it seemed easier to clamp a seat on and drive it out, rather than trying to lift the back end up and move it with the bucket crawler.



It took an hour or so to strip it down:



The rebuilt engine is supposed to be picked up in California tomorrow.  More pics below of things that are wrong on my engine:


I am missing the oil cooler that was a cast iron part that was actually also the lower radiator connection point. It likely was freeze cracked when the cylinder head also cracked from freezing.  They took it off and looped the oil fittings with copper tubing:



Here is the cracked head, sealed with orange RTV sealer.  The crack started under the head gasket, then across the head and went into number 5 spark plug hole. It took 7 years to find a good head, but had not put it on yet. I do have NOS head gasket and manifold gaskets.



The distributor and carb were ID'ed as from a 1938 Hudson, and the distributor was wrong rotation... so it actually retarded the timing at speed, instead of advancing.  I used free stuff I had here, years ago, to make it run better.  I had a 4 cylinder VW bug distributor that fit the hole, and also had a NOS Bosch Volvo 6 cylinder cap to fit it.  Then made a 6 cylinder point cam from a hex nut and modified the homemade driving shaft on the Hudson swap to fit the VW dist.




I powerwashed the chassis the next day and it looks fine, and it does not need much painting touchup.   I just won't have much to update here until the engine shows up in early 2021....and I sure hope the shipping goes through ok.




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22 hours ago, alsancle said:

Those general jumbos or whatever they are don’t look right.

AJ, possibly a tire promo shot, as it appears to be taken in front of a tire shop.  What better than a snazzy ragtop updated with humongus www tires to promote your tire shop..


Frank, sorry for fumble on body series.  Nevertheless, one of the most attractive things on your car I think, is a great roofline.  This one is simillar, its interesting to look closely at differences you point out.

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On ‎10‎/‎25‎/‎2020 at 11:43 AM, John_Mereness said:

Have you thought about a Blue painted frame to match your fenders ? 

No, first reason is it must have been black. 2nd important reason is that it would? look like I was trying to pass it off as a higher end car? 3rd reason is most likely that many prewar guys will already think that the brake drums should be black instead of the lighter blue than the wheels were.....and also think that the fenders should be black. 4th reason, more work I don't need. :)


Sunday the engine was due for pickup in California.  Afternoon I went to check my laptop to see if the shipper or seller needed something answered.   Well, my internet was Out!...(and they won't be here till Wednesday to fix it),   So, I left a message on my son's cell to get him to sign into my email to check..... because I only had their phone numbers on my emails!   10 minutes later, I got a call from the transporter and he said all went perfect except there is no cell service there in the boonies, and the seller lost electricity due to PG&E shutting the wires off due to wind related fire danger. 



So...here I am broadcasting from the 32 ford sitting at the local McDonalds for free wifi!  The shipper told me that, and I was going to ask my son for free locations.  I'm pretty glad that I finally replied to the engine ad after 3 weeks, as I just assumed that even if my hunch was right about it being a 1932 motor instead of the ads 1931description, then it would be a nightmare to get it shipped across the country.



Progress: Son showed up Saturday to fix his Ford diesel bucket tractor.  After that repair(s) were done, he asked what I needed help with.  So he helped get the body into the spare bay, then used his tractor to get the chassis into the work bay....then he lifted up my 7' snowplow to attach it to my yard Jeep CJ5.    Yesterday I started to modify things to hook the Mustang E-brake cables to the stock Nash handbrake lever and cross bar.  That's it for now.

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