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LeSabre T-Type Parts


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I own an 89 LeSabre T-Type and live in the<BR>Dallas/Ft.Worth area. It looks like quite a few people are looking for the same things that I am: front and rear spoilers. Any help in locating those parts would be greatly appreciated. I also have some questions concerning the heater/air conditioning system (selector/vacume related)<BR>and wonder if there is anyone out there that<BR>is real knowledgable about that system.<BR> Are there any Buick Clubs / Enthusiastes<BR>in the DFW area ???? RGM in BigD

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On the issue of Lesabre T-type Spoilers. If it is repairable at all, do it. These are extemely rare. Only about 16,000 cars made, and I would say about half are missing the spoiler. They hang low and catch curbs and snow drifts. Try and repair it if you can, GM wants $750+ for a new one. Check out my website(sig). And go to the spoiler section.<P>------------------<BR>-Keith<BR>'87 Lesabre T-type (The T without WHOOSH)<BR>http://members.xoom.com/lesabrettype/index.html

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