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WTB '69 Electra rear bumper and other parts

Guest Hector

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I'm trying to locate a rear bumper for my '69 Electra,the one on the car has a few dents that would make it very expensive to fix and replate.I'm not looking for a show quality piece but a good one to bolt on and drive.I'm also in need of some weather stripping for the car.The car is a 2dr hard top and I haven't been able to find reproduction pieces for it.I really need the "scrapers" or wipers that attach to the body and seal against the rear quarter glasses on the outside,I really need the left or driver side but if someone has a parts car with these in good shape I would like to take both.

For the bumper I would like to try to locate one between Virginia(Richmond area) and NC(Charlotte area) or if anyone coming to the Charlotte Auto Fair in the Spring has one we can meet there.Thanks.


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Thanks for the reply Pete,I won't be able to get away from work for a few weeks but when I do I will get that measurement.I wonder if a '70 Electra part will fit being that both cars are very similar.Thanks again.

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