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'54 Mercury heater blower motor.

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A friend asked me to reassemble and wire the motor; it is in pieces, wires to brushes and field cut. Does anyone know how to rewire this thing? It is 6V; the field checks OK with a meter, and the unit appears to be in good condition.



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Guest simplyconnected

Ok, is it a single speed or two-speed motor? (Does it have two or three wires coming out?)

This may be a silly question, but why doesn't he just buy a new one? tee-bird.com and macsautoparts.com sell new ones. I'm sure many other aftermarket houses carry them, too. Every so often, one shows up on eBay (for CHEAP because they are 6-Volt). By the way, these motors turn the same direction whether you attach to positive or negative ground systems.

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Guest simplyconnected

Well, let's give it a whirl. Mine has three wires. One goes to chassis (ground), and the other two go to the dashboard heater switch (HIGH & LOW speeds). My switch is fed with a fuse, and I make power contact with either the HIGH or the LOW speed wires.


(This comes right out of the factory shop manual.)

You have to determine how many speeds your motor has. Aftermarket places sell cheap one-speed motors (for lots of money). Those have only two wires. OEM motors have three.

Do you see PAIRS of field wires? Are they individual fields or are they series-ed? I assume you have two field windings, but I don't know. Check field resistances with a VOM. I assume none of those wires are internally tied to ground, since one of them comes out, and attaches to the fender apron. (Right???)

I don't know if this motor is a shunt or series wound motor. I would have to know what wires you have inside the motor, and their sizes. Your description only tells of four wires.

Ring the field wires to the case, also see if you can identify two separate seried field windings. Are the field wires big, or real fine? Can you take a couple CLOSE and well lit pictures for me?


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