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mmmmm 1937 special Generator identification 918-B or 918-E


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Well it would seem that my generator has gone phut. The voltage reg would seem to be ok. I am working on getting the generator looked at by a retired auto electrician who apparently has an old test bench to do the field and armature tests.

In the mean time I am trying to identify exactly what number/version my unit is. The tag is present but illegible. I have the Buick Master Parts List book to refer to. The original generator should have been a 918-B, all replacements (if required) seem to be a 918-E.

I see there are some NOS armatures available in the US, some fit the original and some fit the E,F & G versions. BUT HOW do I work out what generator I have. My generator mounts with the flange holes at the bottom.

Can somebody please advise some armature dimensions (or a simpler way) etc that might help in my quest.

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