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DFers AT Philly

Bill Boudway

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Bill, so many of us are working now that this fell by the wayside, but if you like we can meet around the youth/web site booth in the lobby if you like. I'll be in between seminars, so I might be able to stop by for a few seconds.

And please anyone that sees me at the booth during the weekend, please come up and introduce yourself.


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Wayne has a good idea... it will allow those needing to be in seminars and/or meetings to stop by when they can. It might be a hit and miss thing sometimes but it will probably work better for many people than a set time once during the meet.

How about everyone who has one wear their DF button?

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Discussion Forum (er)

You are here so you are one.

Novaman makes the DFer Buttons. He should chime in sometime soon, or you can send him a Private Message and he can let you know how to get one.

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