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new to antiques could use some help

tavern customs

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hello im new to antiques but not customs i just bought my first pre 50s project its a 1930 chevy...kinda well curently its a pile of parts. i will de selling most of these parts i only plan to keep one dash and the firewall and im going to build the custom from there. all the way down to the frame. will be custom and even the fire wall will be modified. the only reason im useing the fire wall is so i can register the car as a 1930 chevy. i like my chevys smile.gif

here are some pictures. i could use some help. i dont know what any of these parts are worth so if you could let me know so i dont get ripped off it would be apreciated.





here is the concept


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The roadster body was entirely different from the coupe, likely no parts in common. You couldn't convert it into an authentic roadster, but for a street rod anything goes.

Incidentally, as far as value it wouldn't be much. Too many available on Ebay.


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