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1923 STUTZ SEDAN Value


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Thinking about selling my 1923 Stutz sedan , Weidley 6 cyl, cycle front fenders. Runs (rebuild engine, though the timing doesn't seem quit right) and non original interior. Not sure what a fair price is. Does $18,500 sound fair.


760-489-1306 (San Diego area CA.)

Trying to post a photo, I have not done this before.



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The car is a Stutz not a HCS. Side mount on passenger side mid body. If interested I can send added photos. I am trying to get to the Big 3 show but have nom firm plans yet. What do you think my care is worth? Is $18,500 to much? I saw some Buicks and things about same age for that price. Thanks Ron

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Well you are in the ball park but as you know condition is everything. I am not an expert but it sure looks like and HCS. What is the wheel base,125"? Weidly six cylinder engines were used in the 1923 H.C.S. cars along with the unusual step plate running boards and cycle fenders. The radiator should have the car emblem on it. Harry Stutz formed the H.C.S motor car company after his departure from Stutz. I own a 1921 H.C.S. touring. Would like to see other photos and the car itself at the big three this weekend. If you want you can call me at 661 979-9814

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Guest stutzdriver

Just a quick note. This is a 6-cyl Stutz Special. I own a sport touring of this model that has bee in the family for more than 50 years.

If you look at the side view of the car above you can see the holes for the MISSING side mount bracket. The car should have 2 side mounted spare tires.

My car has artillery wheels so it looks quite different than the sedan shown.

FYI i have a owners/parts manual for this car. i notice several things that I am missing and I would like to correspond with the owner to see if I can "borrow" some things to copy?

Jay Traner

Strongsville, OH


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