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Nice 31 Model A coupe wanted for young family

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Wanted - Young family searching for a very corect, show quality, restored late 31 Model A Deluxe rumble coupe within one day's travel of PA. We are about an hour from Hershey.

Really looking for a nice restoration with little or no wear, I want to do some tours with my kids and wife and also show the car. Car must have a rumble seat and roll down rear window because I have kids who want to ride in the back. Prefer a car with sidemounts as well.

Email Bryan at Oliverguy1975@yahool.com

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Barry22 makes a very good point.

I do know that I have read instructions for retrofitting any 1930 or 1931 Coupe with the roll down rear window. I was thinking of adding one to a 1930 Coupe that I owned, but now that I own a Phaeton instead of a Coupe, it is not an issue for me.

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