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Wheel weights

Jay Wolf

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The rims are about 1/2 thick, no way to put clip-ons on.

The spokes are too large for motorcycle weights.

There is no good place for stick-ons

I did find on the Internet about wrapping solder around the spokes

My model A will run 60 MPH I think balancing would be a plus,

The wheels will mount on my Cemb k10 microprocessor-based, wheel balancer and it size is within the balancers ranges.

The one I tried is off over 3 oz.

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I know that I had seen some Model A Wheels with the traditional clip-on wheel weights. I didn't think that the edge of my Model A's wheels were that thick. I just checked some wheels in my garage and figured it out. You are right, the 1928 and 1929 wheels are too thick for the clip-on weights. The 1930 and 1931 wheels will accept the clip-on weights.

Seems sort of funny to me that Wheel Balancing is not mentioned in either Victor W. Page's Model A Ford Construction, Operation & Repair or in the Model A Ford Service Bulletins.

I guess buying more wheels until you find some that are better or ignoring it or using the Dyna Beads are the best choices for those of us with 1928 and 1929 Model A's.

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Guest rshunaman


I used the flexible, low profile stick on style on mine. Did not have luck with a computerized spin balancer,(but it did show if a rim is warped) used the old style bubble balancer. Turning the tire on the rim to find the best balance first,making sure tire is evenly set on rim, then sticking the weights on the back side of the rim. Clean the area with alchohol before adhering. Very time consuming, but at the low speeds you really drive a Model A, not sure if it was worth the time! But the weights are still on.


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