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Large collection of Ford Dealer Service Literature For Sale

Guest 1956Packard

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Guest 1956Packard

Selling as a lot - I will not separate.

A large collection of Ford passenger car and truck parts manuals / catalogues and various other service related books. Obtained from a dealership many years ago. Ranges from 1949 through 70's. I no longer collect Ford cars so it’s time to pass them on.

For example:

1949 to 1961 Passenger Car Parts Catalogue

1964 Passenger Car Parts Catalogue

1948-1961 Truck Parts Catalogue

1970 Truck Parts Catalogue

As you know these contain exploded views of all the vehicles and all part numbers. Invaluable in determining interchanges. (Forget Hollander).

All come in their original Ford expanding 3 ring hard cover books.

Again all for one price - and for a lot less than I paid for them.

A complete listing of books available to serious inquiries.


Note: I am in Canada - a couple of hours out of Detroit. I will certainly ship them (at your cost) but I suspect the cost would be high??

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Guest 1956Packard

Gosh. There's 20 plus parts manuals here. Many are 4 to 6 inches thick. A 6 inch version weighs about 15 pounds. Based on that I think you're looking at many boxes.

(road trip??)

Over all there are well over 40 larger pieces of literature and a bunch of thin ones.

I am in London, Ontario.

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Guest 1956Packard

Thanks for the info John.

When I priced them, I tried to reduce it from what I thought they were worth to and took a whack off for shipping.

Also, thought a few adventurous ones may make the drive. I am a couple of hours out of Detroit (hint).


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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: 58Mustang</div><div class="ubbcode-body">If you can get them into the US, they can be shipped USPS book rate which is pretty reasonable. I shipped enough magazines to fill two 4 drawer file cabinets from CA to the east coast for about 300 bucks. </div></div>

By the way you're right the manuals could be shipped media rate in the USA. Your magazines can't. I have mailed large boxes of magazines myself via media but found out recently, that because they have ads in them they can not be sent media. Doesn't matter if they are old magazines with old ads. If they catch you they can charge you whatever higher postal rate they want and if they feel it was done knowingly can even fine you if they are in a bad mood. I have actually got mixed answers from postal clerks but a postmaster gave the ruling of no. They also have the right to open and inspect media mail anywhere along the route if they want.

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Guest 1956Packard

Bump - Still looking for good home.

Here's a more complete list of inventory - price is negotiable (but not too negotiable)

1970 truck parts and illustrations - 3 volumes

1964 car parts and illustrations - 1 volume

1962-1964 car parts and illustrations - 1 volume

1961-1964 truck parts and illustrations - 1 volume

1949-1961 car parts and illustrations -2 volumes

1968 car parts and illustrations - 1 volume

1948-1960 truck parts and illustrations - 2 volumes

1965 truck parts and illustrations - 1 volume

1965-1967 car parts and illustrations

1961-1962 truck parts and illustrations - 1 volume

1965 car parts and illustrations - 1 volume

technical training bulletins - monthly from 1962-1963 - various not entirley sequential

truck interchange manual - 1960's???

registered technician handbooks early 1960s - 14 units all different

a number of odds and sods I guess mainly from the 1970's

- catalogues covering such things as bearings numbers, lights, etc etc. - maybe 15 of them

most come in their original Ford expandable binders - some in good condition, some, well not so good.


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I would love to have them. I have absolutely no need for them. I can't justify the cost. I

can't justify the shipping expense.

Two suggestions,

1st, consider donation to the AACA Library and Research Center. You could probably find somebody who is going to Hershey who could transport them for free.

2nd, Ebay

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