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Need help with my '63 Special Deluxe's transmission...


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I currently have a '63 Buick Special Deluxe I bought last July. It has the Dual Path Turbine Drive 2 speed, however, it needs rebuilt. It is currently in pieces, as this is how I got it. Apparently a seal went bad in the tailshaft, and most of the fluid leaked out and burnt the clutches up. I am able to find a complete rebuild kit at Kanter auto, however I am having trouble finding a Service/Shop manual for this transmission. I must have it to get this transmission back together. I miraculously managed to score a second Dual Path, but it needs rebuilt as well, however it is completely assembled. So, if anyone could help me find a manual, I would appreciate. If anyone has one they don't want to give up, feel free to make copies of the book, I will gladly pay for them. Thanks!

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Guest imported_Thriller

One thing to keep in mind in your search is that (at least in '62) the manuals for the Special / Skylark are a different set than for the full size cars.

You could try Factory Auto Manuals - I just took a quick peek and found it painful to navigate though in an effort to find the appropriate year.

There's at least one outfit that has scanned a bunch of manuals and sells CD-ROMs with the PDFs. They sell on eBay as well as having their own site, but I can't find it right now...I know I have a link somewhere.

Good luck.

I don't know whether or not the dual path changed at all from '62 to '63. I do have the '62 manual...the section on the DP tranny is over 130 pages long. It wouldn't work well with my flatbed scanner, but I could potentially photograph pages and send the photos. That could be slightly painful due to the number and size of the photos, but it is a possibility.

I've got what I believe to be a linkage issue with mine. Sometimes it pops out of gear into neutral. This normally happens when coming to a stop, so I suspect I either have some frame alignment issues or perhaps a mount issue that allows things to shift a bit when braking (inertia / momentum differences).

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