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Seeking Monroe Lever action shocks


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I have a 1929 DA Dodge Roadster and I need to replace (or repair) the rear lever-action shocks. The ones on the car at present are Monroe (not common on Dodge but this car is in Australia!) but they both lack the 'intake valve' inside the shock's cylinder.

Parts are apparently unavailable anywhere, so I am looking for a pair of substitute lever actions that might fit.

The front has Delco-Lovejoy, which would be fine if available.

Happy to pay the right price.


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I would go with these because they are stuck and prob. not messed with, the pair I sold a while back were not stuck and leaked and would have to be gone thru with the possability of finding something you dont want to find. Stuck is better for me personally. I am still looking for that info you had asked about for these monroe shocks, the more I think about the more I think I have some.

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