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Is there a "Good/Bad Buyer/Seller" thread on this BB?

Guest Kitskaboodle

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Guest Kitskaboodle

Is there a "Good/Bad Buyer/Seller thread on this forum?

If not, why not? It's works great on the Fiero Forum.

Hey, it doesnt have to be about forum members on here.

Even if the focus was just external vendors we all buy

from, it would still benefit those of who might have

otherwise bought something from someone who is dishonest,

a cheat, or are doing bad business practices.

Your thoughts?

Thanks, Kit

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Guest Kitskaboodle

As I mentioned, the thread doesnt have to be about people on this forum. Hey, I'm not into flame wars either but I'm willing to call a spade a spade.

The intention is only to warn fellow Reatta owners of how a particular vendor treated me so that you think twice before you give them you business and hard-earned cash.

It's too bad they dont allow it here. frown.gif

Kit / 90 Reatta / 85 Fiero GT / 86 Fiero GT

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