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Never thought I would see it!

Guest Kingsley

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Guest Kingsley

Over the years I have handled quite a few headlamp motor crank arms/link arms and have never observed anything untoward as far as wear on the crank arm stud is concerned until yesteday when I was confronted with two situations.

Upon taking the link arm off of a return crank arm core, I noticed obvious scoring of the stud in several places on the circumference. Certainly not expected between a brass bushing and a steel stud more particularly when the brass bushing is oil impregnated - 18% of its weight is oil. Then examined the inner surfaces of the bushing and found pieces (one sizeable) of sand-like maerial embedded in the bushing.

As far as the stud is concerned I feel the damage is cosmetic only - its strength is not impaired. No measurable wear on the stud othrwise. The exterior of the bushings was dirty - real dirty.

Main purpose of this comment is to make this point as we wonder where else on the Reatta might this have occurred?

From the old expression that our Mothers used on us - we know what is next to "Godliness".

Unbelievably had another similar situation reported yesterday.

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