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<BR>The last time this guy(DANTHERIVMAN) posted anything since 7/14/00. On <BR>August 24, I closed his orginal post with a message that he was not <BR>following through with orders, I also sent him an email and have not <BR>received a reply. He is not a BCA member, but is a ROA member. Ray Knott <BR>pulled his ad in the Riview also. The best suggestion is to call the number <BR>listed on the discussion pages and submit a fraud complaint. RV<P>Any experience with the Board? Bill? Got any info? JB<P>JB<P>Hello Jeff,<P>I actively review and communicate with members that are a part of your<BR>webpage. I am sure that you have received complaints about one of the members,<BR>DANTHERIVMAN. He has (apparently) committed internet fraud (i.e. taking<BR>people's money and not sending any of the promised merchandise). I wanted<BR>to find out why/how he has been continued to post on your page and has your<BR>organization looked into these allegations??<P>I would imagine you would find this activity very offensive and not <BR>becoming<BR>of the type of people you want posting ads to your website.<P>Can you please let me know what, if anything is going to be done about <BR>this?<P>Thank you very much.<P>A concerned member,<P>Kevin<P>

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Yes, I would also like to know what is being done about this unfortuante circumstance. I don't know why someone would try to risk going to jail for something like this. Also I would like to know what I could do about trying to get something back out of this.<P>Jerry

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