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eisemann magneto


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I believe these early Dodge vehicles should have a 12 volt North East electrical system. Starter generator unit, and a Distributor.

Digging deeper, I have found the following in an early Dyke's manual.

1915 and early 1916 cars, (North East) standard model D used the Eisemann Mag, or a Delco distributor.

Since the fall of 1916 the (North East starter generator) standard model G was used. Ignition should be a type O North East Distributor

Since march of 1918 the North East model O has been used, which is a North East ignition system.

Depending on when your car was built in 1918 would decide what the proper ignition system for your car would be. The difference in 1918 seems to be in the Starter Generator.

It would do you well to aquire a Dyke's manual as there is a wealth of information in here on these systems. The copy that I have is a 1926. Should not be hard to find. smile.gif Dandy Dave!

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You very well could be right because the information in the Dyke's manual is sketchy. It shows the type O ignition system in one of the diagrams for the type G ignition system, but I do not think that this was inclusive from the information givin. I do not think that was used exculsivly until march of 1918 as stated above. The later S/G used in the 20's is listed as a type GA. I worked on a 1914 (I think a 1915 model year which was within the first 300 built.) Dodge roadster for a friend of mine a number of years ago that did have a magneto. I also did a valve job on a Ghramm Brothers truck about 8 years ago for another friend that had the type O ignition and the GA starter, generator.

What is the serial number on your block? Dandy Dave!

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Most Dodges in New Zealand had magnetos at least through to 1925 and maybe 1926. I was told it was something to do with the perceived lack of service for batteries. A few earlier 4s did have the North East Model O distributor & coil system but were privately imported I think. 1927 Dodge 4s and the later 6s had distributors.

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This is a car I built some 3 or 4 years ago and have since sold to a very brave man who drives it flat out (75-80 mph) everywhere.

Motor fully balanced,light flywheel. cyl head 'wedged" cam reground, 1 3/4 inch SU carb, extractor exhaust. Shortened and lightened chassis. trailing 1/4 eliptic rear springs. The polished aluninium body is my own design and construction,

My current project is restoring the 1922 Dixie Flyer Firefly speedster in the current Antique Automobile






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I just know that someone is going to ask about Ch 6622

It too is a 1926/7 (5 main bearing engine) built to upset the owners of 3 litre Bentleys. The motor is a similar stage of tune. the Body is a 2/4 seat fabric covered tourer wooden spoke wheels have aluminium covers. It was referred to as the Le Mans Dodge. It is now in Bunbury s.w. Western Australia.

You don't have to be mad but it helps!

oldcar by name and oldcar by nature.


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