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38 Buick Question for D Corbin.

38Buick 80C

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Mr Corbin (Dave if a may),

I see that you are frequently helping folks with their ID tag and serial number questions. So I wanted to ask.

I have a 38 80C (not that you couldn't tell by my login name)

ID tag is as follows

1938 Mod. 80C

Style No. 38-4849

Body No. 81

Trim No. 476 9

Paint No. 519 -6W

I have all the decoding for this, so that is not my question. My question is Botticelli Blue with green leather interior and a blue-grey top??? That seems to me such a weird color combination. Any idea how many may have been made that way?

I am currently undertaking a frame off restoration of the car doing most of the work myself. I am definitely painting the car Botticelli blue (gorgeous color) and I am fairly certain I am going to do red leather interior and a tan top with Dante Red wheels. That would seem a more mainline color combination and certainly wouldn't get questioning by an AACA judge (A BCA judge I trust would know better).

Anyway just curious. Thanks in advance.


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Guest DaveCorbin

Dear Brian:

I do agree that the color scheme is a bit unusual, but folks ordered what they wanted and Buick would build it their way.

I don't have any breakdown by color or trim so I'm as lost as you are.

Regards, Dave Corbin

BTW: I'm Dave to everybody. My mother used to say that my theory was "friends I've met" and "friends I haven't met yet." It seems to work well for me.

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Blue and green could be a very nice combination.

I think if I had that I would seriously consider duplicating it as it came from the factory.

Very unique.

You might be surprised how well blue and green go together (if the shades are right).

Consider mother nature.... green grass under a clear blue sky!

Call me crazy but I like green and blue combination ( again, if the tones are well matched).

Check it out before you go to red interior on a blue car (stunning too, but a colour combo I relate to post war and 50's)

my 2 cents.



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