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1914 Metz Wheel Bearing Cages and Races-Help Needed

Greg in Maryland

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It's been a long time since I had my 2 Metz cars, but I can't seem to recall a "cage" for the bearings. I was short some of the races for the front wheels and I know I ended up using some from a 17 front axle that I found locally. Metz used Ford designs on more than just the motor, as I used Model T rear brakes on one of mine....and even a T headgasket smile.gif

I had a couple of different Model T front hubs here recently and noticed they came in different sizes, so I really wonder if some certain-year Ford T pieces may imterchange? Long shot?, or maybe not.

I used to buy from Langs Model T Parts in Ashburnham, Mass. He knows T's inside and out. I'd take some pics and measurements and email him...I think he is still in business....plus Metz was from his home state and I am sure that I was not his only Metz customer.

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I updated my 1915 Buick to tapered roller bearings and am very pleased. I purcased bearings from my local supplier that fit the axle and then machined sleeves to fit the cup and inner hub, and also installed modern grease seals. Tapered bearings by design put less pressure on the nut than ball bearings do and are easier to keep in adjustment. The front end does not shimmy like it did and this is widely excepted as an improvment on early autos. smile.gif Dandy Dave!

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If you don't have one, call MSC Industrial supply @ 1 800 645 7270 or mscdirect.com and get their free "Big Book". My resource when I need a bearing or most anything by way of materials to make parts for 1914 Chalmers Master Six. When rebuilding my cork clutch I was a bit dismayed to find a failed brass bearing behind the clutch, which was really the root problem, as the clutch assembly is pulled against this bearing when actuated for shifting. I found one in the book, actually a better one, with two rows of balls. Problem solved and original improved upon. Nearly a three inch thick book. If you need it there is a good chance it is in there, usually with pictures. Good luck; jim43

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