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th Trailer with hydraulic surge brake system

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I recently acquired an aluminum enclosed trailer with a hydraulic surge brake system as part of the trailer ball reciever.

The problem is that my other trailers have electric brakes and steel frames. I use a load lever system when towing them to help transfer the trailer weight evenly across the tow vehicle. However, with a surge brake system like the one on this trailer it is impossible to do this. The trailer becomes fixed through the lever bars and the brakes will no longer work.

My question is: Other than beefing up the rear springs, or adding air bags to my tow vehicle, is there a solution to leveling this trailer for better towing and weight distribution?

I have also been told that you are not supposed to use a lever system on an aluminum trailer as you run the risk of bending the trailer tung due to the stresses introduced by the lever bars. Can anyone commit on this.


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I was never a big fan of surge brakes. I like the total control that an electric brake system offers which includes manually applying the trailer brakes via the controller. As for the leveling issue, the pivot point when the hitch is raised is at the ball. In my opinion, a few hundred pounds of force shouldn't bend the frame over a 24-30 inch span (ball to leveler point on frame). As for what to do, research what it would take to retrofit electric brakes to the existing axles. If that's not possible, consider selling/trading it for what you want. Don't compromise your collector car over this.

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Paul, I would keep the hydraulic brakes and add a hydraulic pump thats controlled by a conventional vehicle electric controller.

I think if you goggle hydraulic trailer brakes, you'll see what I'm talking about. I've had one for eight years with no problems.

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