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1928 McLaughlin in Prague

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Well, the restoration is progressing, despite more slowly than expected. After complete body dissasembly we have found that almost all wood has to be replaced as its in really bad shape. Two findings though regarding the origin:

1) the body base lumbers have very wide cut-offs for B-columns, that indicates open touring body as original body; for the usage of limousine (narrower) B-columns these spaces have been inserted by wooden blocks.

2) when undoing a roof in passenger compartment, we have found pencils scripts in Czech language, marking parts "LEFT" & "RIGHT" side.

Unfortunately no positive indentification was possible

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Dear Josef:

Don't feel bad, all restoration work proceeds more slowly than expected!

I found your comments extremely interesting about the findings concerning the wood pieces and the notations in the Czech language.

Go back to my comment about "California Tops". It looks to me like your car had an owner who had the same idea, thus converting it to a limosine car. The obvious solution is, in effect, a "Czech Top".

This would indicate that it is, most probably, the 4th car by McLaughlin that we know about.

Regards, Dave Corbin

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I have attached few pictures for you (and everybody else of course :-) We decided to preserve "original limousine" B columns together with nice patinated front seats and back rest. The car has been crashed some time in past as the right A-column and door does not match the left ones at all. But this was only visible once we put it "face to face", assembled on the car you cannot tell a difference. The third picture shows two small holes under LH front door, there must have been the builder badge placed.....

In meantime I am looking for rear axle parts, see Buick buy / sell.






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