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1925 Housecar body - one of a kind - for one ton chassis

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<span style="font-weight: bold"><span style="font-family: 'Courier New'"><span style="color: #990000">Your opportunity to have a genuine 1925 Housecar body.

We sold the 1925 Chevrolet Housecar to the GM Heritage Museum a few years ago that sold last month at the Scottsdale auction.

This is the hand made & one of a kind body from that Housecar.

Perhaps the only authenticated and largely intact Housecar period body available anywhere within the past few years.

It was on a one ton Chevrolet truck chassis.

Transport is available from Detroit, Michigan.

Please PM me for additional pictures and information - do not ask questions here on this Thread.

Serious inquiries only please whistle.gif </span></span></span>


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<span style="font-family: 'Arial Black'"><span style="color: #990000">Regarding the 1925 Chevrolet Housecar sold at the Barrett Jackson auction in January 2009:

Just to clarify our position as the former owners of a 1925 Chevrolet Housecar we sold to the GM Heritage Museum, after the auction we were contacted by an individual and learned that the housecar body was removed from the 1925 Chevrolet Housecar we sold to the GM Heritage Museum.

Our opinion at this time is that that GM had a completely new body fabricated from modern materials patterned after this original housecar body.

My earlier comments on another Thread were based upon my belief that GM had restored the original 1925 Chevrolet Housecar.

Sorry for my mistake

Jim </span></span>

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