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Guest Hinckley

American Automobile Advertising, 1930-1980: An Illustrated History

by Heon Stevenson

294 pages, 282 photos (21 color)

ISBN #978-0-7864-3685-9 2008


McFarland Publishing



This well researched, heavily illustrated book is far more than a dry, dusty volume profiling the history of how we were duped by auto companies through high level marketing into believing a Ford was better than a Chevy or that a Studebaker was superior to a Dodge. While some of this intrigue and history is found in these pages this book is much more than mere history.

In essence this book is a series of time capsules from the golden age of American automobile manufacturing. As such it is an excellent read as well as a perfect center piece for the coffee table.

review reprinted courtesy of Cars & Parts magazine and www.route66chronicles.blogspot.com

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