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Buick Models

Guest BJM

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I work part time at a grocery store Wine & Spirits department. On my breaks I grab a magazine off our magazine rack, go upstairs and read through it, then put it back on my way back to W & S.

Bored after reading most of the car magazine offerings, I spotted a magazine devoted solely to Car Modeling. I grabbed it and went upstairs.

One of the featured models was a 62 Electra. I used to do models about 34 years ago, for about 3-4 years, then grew out fo it. Boy have they come a LONG way. I never had the tools or creative solutions these guys have.

I am considering going back into modeling, not full bore, but maybe 2-3 nice models per year. Any of you folks do modeling as a hobby?

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Guest imported_Thriller

I have some unbuilt models...not sure that counts. The boys might wind up getting at them before me (well at least the Impala SS).

Our renovator builds models. He's sent me some amazing photos and goes to shows / competitions. The hours he spends just blows me away.

There was an article in Friday's paper in the automotive section on modeling. If this thread keeps going or I remember, I'll post a link up next weekend (the feature articles are delayed a week for the web).

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Bryan, I have not built a model for quite a few years now, but continue to collect them.

Among the 1959 Buick owners I know is Paul Hettick, who builds models professionally. I've commissioned him to construct a few Buick models to my specifications, including one of my '59 Electra. In fact, Paul has built numerous replicas of the '59 Buicks owned by BCA members, and many of us hope to bring the models (along with the real Buicks) to Colorado Springs this summer.





Here's a 1960 Invicta Paul built for me in the two-tone combination of Tahiti Beige and Cordovan:





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Wow that's awesonme. Build models professionally? Of course, I am not sure how one would do a particular model to scale. I'm not sure how the regular models can be made, especially with complex shapes like the 59 Buicks.

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Bryan, there are numerous resin-casters around the country who are creating new kits of old Buicks. Many are based on the original AMT 3-in-1 kits from the '50's and '60's, then modified to broaden the range to include body styles (like Estate Wagons) that were never originally offered.

Professional model builders like Paul typically start with some of these new resin kits, but they are also capable of scratch-built models.

One of the new, high-quality resin kits that has just become available is a 1957 Special 4-door sedan.

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Wow, shocked.gif they look like they're right out of the resto shop and ready to park in the garage and drive to the show in the spring. The only thing that is missing is the original road dust. Sweet... laugh.gif Dandy Dave!

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