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how wide is a model A?

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Seems like a simple thing to find, but any dimension drawings I find don't show the full width of the car, just the body width.

The overall length is published....but not the overall width, that I can find.

Can anyone go our to the garage and measure the overall width? I would think that would be measured out to out on the running boards? or maybe out to out on the front fenders?

I am specifically looking for the width of a 30 Cabriolet, but most A's of the 1930 vintage should be the same.

Doesn't need to be super accurate,... I'm trying to plan workshop and garage space and knowing the 'footprint' of this car would be helpfull.


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I get 67 inches on my 1929 Phaeton, but I would round up a few extra inches to be sure. My gut feeling is that the 1930 and 1931 Model A's that I previously owned were a few inches wider. I also think that the closed cars might be slightly wider than the open cars. The doors are thicker anyway.

Be sure to leave plenty of room to work around it. You will never be upset that you left yourself too much room. You could however, regret not leaving enough workspace.

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thanks Matthew!

I am planning a garage / shop in the back yard and I am limited by the local by-law as to the area of the building I am allowed. So I am resolving the length to width dimensions that I will go with for my building permit.

I do want to get a good work shop area at the 'front end', and if possible (winter) storage for a 4 car arrangement. ( where I live the snow flies from typically mid October, till spring, when we get the cars back out)

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Since all of the frames are dimensionally the same and the aprons, running boards and front fenders are the same for 28-29 and for 30-31 I would think that all As are the same widths for the earlies and the same width for the lates. Don't know if all four years would be the same, but they gotta be close

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