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Parts washer Inquiry

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My wife purchased a Northern parts washer for me about 8 years ago and I lost the wiring instructions over the years moving around. I have tried every combination and when I flip the switch, it always blows a breaker.

Does anybody have one of these, oh 20 -25 gallon Northern type parts washers made in China?

I will need to start using it fairly soon and would like the solvent motor/brush to work and not just have a tank with no agitation.

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Guest imported_CarFreak

Bryan / Jake -

I have my directions for a Harbor Freight unit; might be the same.

Did anyone else ever answer or do you still need this info?

I can fax or email to you.

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Simple, disconnect the motor and see if it still blows the fuse. If it still blows the problem's most likely in the way the switch is wired.

The ground wires (green) get attached to the casing, and nothing else. This provides a pathway for the electricity, instead of going through you.

The white wire coming in on the cord goes directly to the white wire from the pump motor.

The black wire from the cord goes to one side of the switch. The black wire from the pump goes to the other side. All the switch is doing is opening and closing the connection between the black wires.

If there's a pilot light or a work light the black and white wires go to the same connection points as the pump.

The cord could be bad, the pump motor could be bad or the switch could be shorted internally. Eliminate the possibilities one at a time until you have an answer.

Hope that works.

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