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Thomas - Break the suspense!


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Dear Ron.<BR>I am going mad... Some month (January) ago I ask a friend if he would like to come with me to Hershey. He said he will think about it but he can't say it so earyl in advance. Ok, I can wait for an answer. Since he was not sure at the beginning of September, I asked my Girlfriend if she would like to come with me, but told here that it could be that my friend would like to come with me because I asked him first. She said, that she would like to come with me (probably, because such a trip is not very cheap). Ok, so I had two person but can take just one with me. Some days ago my friend told me that he has some healthy problems with his leg and that he can't make such a trip with a lot of walking. <BR>Ok, no problem, I will fly with my Girlfriend. But what said she to me? It is too suddenly to get some holiday days from here Company, where she works for (Staples). <BR>At the end, I am standing alone... (sigh). frown.gif" border="0 The problem is, that the costs for such a single trip increase about 40%. Since I decided to come (probably) in Mai/June for 3 two 4 weeks to USA, I have to save my money a bit. USA is expensive for Germans.<BR>For the moment: I can't come (again) to Hershey because for me alone it is too expensive. frown.gif" border="0 My girlfriend said, that she will come next year with me to Hershey because she knows it then early enough. BUT: If I sell one expensive old car in the near future (could happen), I will decide to come to Hershey.<BR>So, now you know all the true facts about it. smile.gif" border="0<P>Tom

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