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'36 Buick Paint Code


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This is what I have is a Dupont Bulletin #12 and #13.<P>They say the following:<P>1936 Buick Colors<P>Duco Color Combination No<BR>2465314 Francis Cream 424 and 374<BR>2466525 Ballue Brown 423 and 373<BR>2466731 Touraine Green 430 and 380<BR>24650721M Cardinal Maroon 429 and 379<BR>24651091 Musketeer Blue 421 and 371<BR>24651252 Chateau Green 422 and 372<BR>20251576 Cascade Blue Metallic 431 and 381<BR>20251576 Phantom Gray Metallic 432 and 382<BR>24651737 Casino Beige 427 and 377<BR>20251771 Moderne Gay Metallic 425 and 375<BR>24651923 Trouville Blue 428 and 378<P>Hope this helps.<P>Kevin

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Did this ever help?<P>I have paint Buick (and other marques) colors from 28 - 39. I wont say all of them but have most of them. (Dupont, ACME, Glidden, Ditzler charts/chips etc....)<P>Kevin

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