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OEM Radio/Cassette Player for sale or trade.....needs repair


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Several years back I bought an OEM unit that some one had advertised on the forum .... it was advertised as having an slight issue of some sort, but I forget what that issue was (may be a broken cassette deck belt which is probably the most common shortcoming)). I purchased the radio with all good intentions of using the Forum's Repair Manual to resolve the issue for experience - which simply did not....AND will never happen smile.gif.

I paid $25.00 + shipping for the radio and of course I would like to recoupe that money if possible, or as close to it as I can get ..... OR trade the radio for something/a part that I would be more likley to use....such as a good climate control module or ? Thanks for reading and Please advise if interested.

A link to the Forum OEM Radio Repair Guide is provided below:

OEM Radio Repair Guide


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