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Need Help In Searching for an MG TD

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Folks- I am a new member of AACA, and live in Westfield, NJ. I am in the market for a fully restored MG TD. I would very much welcome advice and counsel on how to best scout out one, what to look for, what to avoid, where to try to find one, etc.etc. Any help I could get would be gratefully appreciated. THanks so much, Wally Parker

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There is very little you can't get for an MG TD, however some things can get expensive quickly. Like any car it pays to buy the best example you can afford and avoid as many projects as possible. This goes for the TD as well, even though you can almost assemble one out of a catalog.

New front fenders go for about $2000.00 each, and rears for about $1500.00 each. Most smaller body parts (some aprons, 1/4 panels, some brackets, etc.) are available for reasonable prices, but others (doors, bulkhead/firewall), etc.) are only available used and prices can be <span style="font-style: italic"><span style="text-decoration: underline">very</span></span> high due to demand. (See Moss Motors' MG T-Series parts catalog to get an idea of what is and isn't available new.) New frames, available for some MGs and Triumphs, are not available for these cars. So it is best to avoid major body work where possible.

Mechanically these cars are very straightforward and relatively inexpensive to repair as replacement parts are plentiful. Mechanical work is almost always cheaper than structural repair for any MG. Interior trim and soft parts (top, tonneau, seat covers, etc.) are likewise widely available. A few items (i.e. guages, reverse light switches, a few unreproduced fittings/internal parts, etc.) may be problematic, but there is a wide support system in place for these cars and I doubt that there is anything too difficult to find for these cars.

The best place to buy one of these cars is through a club, preferably the New England MG T Register, which is really a national club despite it's name and is particularly strong on the east coast.

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Hi Wally,

I have a 54 TF in addition to other cars. I see you are a member of the AACA. I belong to the New England MG T Register, the local chapter of it as well as the NJ Region of the AACA of which I am the webmaster and membership chairman.

We would love to have come to a meeting of our region and the MG club. Please give me a reply at njaaca@hotmail.com or you can go to our website for the NJ Region: http://local.aaca.org/njaaca/ for more information.

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