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6VDC alternator conversions


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I have a 55 Desoto Firedome, that I'd like to convert to an alternator charging system and I've located several vendors that have 6 VDC postive ground alternators.

My questions are,

1.) What do I do with the firewall mounted regulator and the

associated wires attached to it?

2. How do I feed power to the coil?

3. What other issues are there completing this conversion

that I'm not aware of or haven't addressed?

PS - I'm electrically impaired


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My question is why do you even want to do this?

As for how you install it or what kind of regulator you need, the seller should give you complete installation instructions.

The coil should be unaltered, the regulator should be unneeded.

One more thing. Is your power steering pump driven off the back of the generator? If so you have to keep the generator anyway or install a completely new pump, not an easy task. The only way around this would be to take the brushes out of the generator and leave it idling just to drive the pump. Then hodge podge the alternator on someplace else.

Seems to me it would be easier to leave the generator alone, or get it rebuilt if necessary.

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Guest 37dodgecoupe

any good alternator repair shop will convert for you. I had a delco changed to a one wire 6 V pos ground. no reg is needed just connect bat lead to alternator. what a difference, 7.5 V constant, brighter lights etc.

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