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Brass-era touring

West Peterson

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I have my doubts, so maybe "Stoddard Greg" can clarify for me. Those rear fenders do not appear on any of the Jacksons listed in the Standard catalog.

Also, the rear of the body just aft of the rear door does not "kick up" as they did on Jackson pre 1912. While the Jackson body did kick up in 1912, by that time the fenders were completely different.

Perhaps it is a different model Jackson than what shows up in the Standard Catalog. What year and what model does he think it is?

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I posted this photo down in the Buick forum, and it turns out I was right with the make, but wrong on the model. This, from Buick expert Dave Corbin:

"1907 Model H, only 36 built. A Jackson, Michigan, plant car. Note the little dog-box at the running board and rear fender intersection.

Regards, Dave Corbin"

Dave says that the relationship between the Jackson car (built in Jackson, Mich.) and the Buick (built in Jackson, Mich.) was purely coincidental. Interesting, though, that there were similarities between the two cars.

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