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29 wire wheel and drum help

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Iam looking at buying some wire wheels and drums, they are mounted on a 1929 chry model 75, but two are 7 lug 18" and two are 7 lug 19" wheels, can't tell by the pictures if the lugs line up with the drums, does anyone know if the 18" and 19" wire wheel used the same drum, and what model used 18" 7 lug wires, I thought the model 65 had 18" 6 lugs. Also these lugs our on the outside not under the cap.

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Series 65 (and 75 I believe) have 6 bolted wheels with 14" drums and 18x5.5 tires. There are two different types of wire wheels used for 1929 as pictured with bolts either inside or outside the center-hub. 19" was used on Plymouths, which might be a possible source for the parts cars rear wheels? I also happen to know that 18" wire-wheels from a 32 Chevy looks the same, but upon trying to fit have about 1" small bolt spacing..



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