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Worth Saving?

L. Berglund

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I've been watching what I believe to be two 1929 model A Ford pickups and a sedan weather the rain and snow for several years out behind a local barn. Pretty sure they all don't run and are a bit rusty. I don't know jack squat about restoring vehicles, but I sure am interested. I am wondering if anyone might know any tips about determining whether these classics are worth purchasing and what an asking price might be. Thanks a million!

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First, Welcome to the AACA Discussion forum.

Second, Where are you. Somebody might be close enough to help you examine them. If they are in good enough shape that you are only "pretty sure" they don't run, they are probably worth saving. Model A Fords have good aftermarket support. So, if you want to restore them, parts are pretty easy to get.

If you will post some photos, following these instructions:


We will then be better equipped to give you some advice on how to proceed. Good Luck!

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Guest abh3usn

It depends on your skill level. If it's your first restoration I'd say look for a runing vehicle. If not then go for it as As are plentyful and you can get almost any part aftermarket and they have tons of support.

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Guest mercman86

Any model A is worth saving (unless there half sunk in the ground) an A is a great first antique to restore like others have stated they are plentiful and extremely easy to work on!

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